Composite based Radiation instrumentation

Fabrication of COMPOSITE BASED

development, manufacturing and validation

We are specialits in the cutting edge fabrication process of scientific instruments made out of carbon fiber composites .

Tons of experience in developing specilized composite materials for scientific instruments in controled environments of massive bombardments of a large variety of particles (electros, protons, neutrons).

Not forgetting our work with ultra sensitive instrumentation in the following scientific environments:

Ultra low vacum
Super high pressure
Mega High temperature
Extreme High pressure

These are some of the radiation instrument projects where we have participated in:

  • High accuracy CFRP 3m neutron reflector
  • Optical fibre positioner ends for the GTC spectrometer
  • CFRP liquid Scintillation Detector
  • Optical fibre based detector  for high-pressure neutron diffraction
  • CFRP neutron vacuum guides and connectors
  • High vacuum optical degree epoxy system for high vacuum and high radiation ambient.
  • High accuracy CFRP neutron reflector 2m