space deployable Masts & antennas

More than 20 years of experience in development and manufacture of high performance, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, lightweight precision, satellite components for research programs.


carbon fibre Scientific instruments

We develop composite based scientific instruments, used in high radiation controlled environments of a variety of particles (electros, protons, neutrons).

naval defense

submarine radomes

We design, manufacture, test and qualify a range of rugged marine radomes for military use.
Our products are Hydrostatically pressure tested to ultra-extreme depths, have high frequency transparency with ultra-low RF losses and are fitted with a robust high pressure sealing system guaranteeing lifetime water tightness between submarine and radome.


communication radomes

Prosix Engineering, is a specialized engineering company focused on fibre reinforced plastics (FRP)  communication structures in high speed environments.

marine racing

high tech racing applications

We have the experience and capability to design and manufacture cutting edge carbon fiber hydrofoil boats for top class competitive racing in world class events.